Education, Outreach, and Advocacy Oregon Community Trees

2021 Agenda

Day 1 – Tuesday Afternoon – September 14

Focus on drought, tree selection and adaptability, and soil moisture.

  • Christine Buhl (ODF state entomologist) and Tyler Roth (Hood River private arborist) will focus on drought implications for tree resilience against pests and how climate trends affect trees
  • Nancy Buley (JF Schmidt Nursery) and others will talk about urban tree selection for climate resilience
  • Ruth Williams (Portland arborist) will discuss observations on the impacts of drought and tree adaptability
  • Wei Zhang (researcher and business owner) will talk about understanding soil moisture and young tree survival

Day 2 –  Wednesday Morning – September 15

Focus on storm preparedness, ice storm lessons, tree survival in green infrastructure, and using Tree Plotter Inventory to plan for climate fluctuations.

  • Paul Ries (Director, OSU Graduate Certificate in Urban Forestry; Senior Instructor) and Milan Davis (Salem Urban Forester) will share their knowledge and experience about storm-proofing trees in cities, and lessons learned from the 2021 North Willamette Valley ice storm
  • Kris Hikari (Green Stormwater Resource Manager, Watershed Revegetation Program) and Wei Zhang will focus on green infrastructure and tree survival
  • Ian Hanou (Founder & Owner, PlanIt Geo) will discuss how cities can use Tree Plotter Inventory, tree mapping and inventory software available for free to Oregon Cities, to plan for climate change in urban forests

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