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Oregon is a “tree” state. We have diverse forests and beautiful trees. In fact, Oregon has some of the most productive forests and is home to some of the largest trees in the world. We place a high value on the importance that trees play in our quality of life by providing habitat for wildlife, products that we all use, clean air and water and all of the other wonderful things that trees do. For that reason, Oregonians celebrate an entire Arbor Week. We invite you to celebrate the importance of trees in your life.


Five Oregon Communities Receive Arbor Week Grants in 2018

For the past few years, Oregon Community Trees has annually offered no‐match grants for up to $500 to help Oregon Tree Cities to “boost” their Arbor Week celebrations. Seven applications were submitted by Tree City USA designated cities in 2018 requesting a total of $3,070. Committee members agreed that all seven applications satisfied the criteria to award funding and were generally worthy of financial support. The budget for grants was originally limited to $2,000 for the year, but the Executive Committee authorized an increased budget of up to $3,070, our largest budget ever for grants! The committee unanimously decided to fund each application in full. Grant agreements have been signed and checks have been mailed. A summary of the seven funded applications is provided below:

  • Falls City (TCUSA – 2 years): In celebration of Arbor Day and Tree City USA status, the City of Falls City hosts an annual cleanup day in partnership with SOLVE and once the work is done, volunteers are rewarded with a tree planting and barbeque. The City will hand out tree planting and maintenance guides and helps educate the public about the benefits of OCT grant funding will be used to purchase food for volunteers. Although their event is held in September, the City will fly their Tree City USA flag proudly during April and give trees away to residents.


  • Hood River (TCUSA – 6 years): The City of Hood River has a variety of events planned for Arbor Week! They plan to set‐up a table at Waterfront Park to hand out information to the public about the benefits of trees, tree care, tree protection during construction, and to promote their newly revised approved tree species At a City Council meeting, local developers will be recognized with awards for outstanding tree protection. The City will also give trees away to residents and have watering bags available to loan out to developers, businesses, and homeowners associations. OCT grant funding will be used to purchase: a banner, 15 tree water bags, awards for developers, and trees.


  • Lincoln City (TCUSA – 10 years): Lincoln City plans to celebrate Arbor Week with a ribbon cutting in Regatta Park, home to a 400+ year old, 200’ tall Sitka spruce. The event includes music, refreshments, OCT stickers and materials, and volunteer applications. OCT grant funding will be used to purchase refreshments and prizes, and a 10’ canopy tent that will include the OCT logo and be used at this event and future events for years to come.


  • Oregon City (TCUSA – 6 years): The City of Oregon City is hosting a volunteer event at historic McLoughlin Promenade to promote healthy urban forestry education and outreach and plant trees, shrubs, and flowers in the park. Numerous groups have partnered with the City for this event, including a local neighborhood association, 4H, Boy Scouts, VFW Post 1324, Friends of Trees, and the Clackamas Soil & Water Conservation District, just to name a few. OCT grant funding will be used to help purchase youth and adult sized tee‐shirts, which will include the OCT logo, for volunteers to wear during and after the event.


  • Seaside (TCUSA ‐ 20 years): The City of Seaside is partnering with the City’s Tree Board, Clatsop County Girl and Boy Scouts, the Necanicum Watershed Council, and Greenwood Resources to plant shore pines along the Necanicum River Estuary in March. Volunteers will learn how to properly plant trees from local landscape contractors. OCT grant funding will be used to help purchase shovels, gloves, and trees.

  • Sweet Home (TCUSA – 31 years): Throughout the month of April, 1st through 6th grade Sweet Home students are invited to participate in the City’s annual Arbor Day Poster Contest. Entries will be on display at the local library and the public will vote for their favorites. One first place winner and one grand prize winner in each of two grade divisions will receive an award certificate and a tree to be planted by their entire class on school grounds. In addition, Junior High and High School students may compete in the Photo and Art Contest Category for their chance to win an award certificate and gift cards to local businesses. The winners’ artwork will be posted on the City’s website. OCT grant funding will be used to purchase trees for the elementary school winners and to provide each winner an individual tree‐themed prize from the Arbor Day Foundation to remind them of their urban forest.


  • Talent (TCUSA – 18 years): During Arbor Week, local elementary and middle school students participated in a tree planting event at a highly visible right‐of‐way space near the entrance to a newer development. A local arborist taught the students about tree care and planting. OCT grant funding was used to purchase a commemorative tree and classroom posters, and help cover printing costs for promotional and educational materials.

Talent Oregon Arbor Day Event 2018

 Previous Grant Recipients:


  • Central Point
  • Cottage Grove
  • La Grande
  • Rogue River
  • Sherwood

2016 –

  • Coburg
    • Coburg 2016
  • Independence
    • Independence 2016
  • Philomath
    • Philomath 2016
  • Salem
    • Salem 2016
  • Sweet Home
    • Screenshot 2017-03-12 21.16.31

2015 –

  • Baker City
  • Eugene
  • Oregon City
  • Sunriver

 2014 –

  • Coburg
  • Cottage Grove
  • Forest Grove
  • Medford
  • Klamath Falls
  • Tualatin

Oregon Community Trees and Arbor Week

For the past four years, Oregon Community Trees has been supporting the tree-related efforts of Oregon’s Tree Cities USA, offering $500 competitive grants to support and enhance Arbor Week celebrations.


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